Whitepaper Salesforce for Start-Ups


SALESFORCE is a cloud-based complete solution for start-up establishment and success

Selling and launching a new start-up is a science and an art one cannot rely on just what you think or presume. It requires detailed insight into the customer needs, liking, inclination, market trends and gathering business specific information to forecast & plan product launch or start-up. Reaching and finding the right customer/audience with personalized content, automation, and connecting customers with various channels helps establish start-up and pay for success and productivity.

For start-ups, it is essential to build a stronger customer relationship, sales, and customer support. Considering that a new start-up emerges every new day, only 10% of them cross the 5-year mark. The simple reason is that 90% of the new start-ups do not invest in the right technology solutions that take products/services faster to market and influence better decision-making.

Salesforce as technology is a mix of Artificial intelligence and machine learning; it works as a backbone for start-ups to automate tasks and improve business efficiency. Its data-driven human connection simplifies start-up business for you and helps establish it. Salesforce cloud-based platform engages with the customer, brings more smiles, success with human centric experience.

Primary goal

formulate an effective marketing and management plan for Start-ups

What is start-up industry?

A start-up is a project or company planned or undertaken by an individual, group, or entrepreneur to develop a successful, scalable, and profitable business.

In the beginning, start-ups face a high degree of uncertainty due to execution planning and lack of management. Less budget, small teams, human resource management team, and task management tools are the four essential features of any start-up.

There are some points to ponder upon to launch start-ups-
  • 01

    Detailed business plan

  • 02

    Working finance to be procured

  • 03

    Right People support

  • 04

    Digital presence

  • 05

    Marketing knowledge

  • 06

    Have or build a customer base

  • 07

    Be prepared for any happening

Challenges of start up

Challenges are in every walk of life, business, and in particular for start-ups. No exceptions to a plethora of challenges every company comes across. Nowadays, every business, big or small, new, traditional or ambitious start-ups, is technology-oriented. In today’s post covid scenario or due to fierce /violent competition conducting business, retaining a customer for repetitive footfall is an arduous task for new and traditional companies alike. Survival of the fittest has become a mandate for success.

In the competitive business environment, Challenges met by start-up -

Lack Of Proper Marketing

Getting And Retaining Customers

Financial Management

Maintaining Online Presence

Time Management

Social Media Management

Cyber security

Getting or hiring the right candidate

Business Partnership decision-making

Salesforce solution for start ups

To meet challenges efficiently and carve the lion’s share from the marketplace for the service or product. Salesforce cloud-based platform offers a need-based solution to Start-ups

Marketing cloud


Start-up and its services/ product may be innovative for the first time in the business world, but who knows it. Creative awareness, making it known, and making it top of mind for the recall is helped by the Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Cloud benefits for start-ups:

This approaches customers in real-time

Does email and marketing campaigns and automation

Social media engagement advertising

Mobile SMS, and notification

Marketing analytics

Journey data

This feature helps start-ups to know email clicks. After a purchase of product or uses of service, a contact receives

  • welcome email
  • product /service registration
  • email for tips on product or service uses

MARKETING CLOUD detects who opened the email and who has not. If not opened, the second email is again sent. Moreover, service and support, post-purchase communication is enabled by the cloud. This way, it may probably help retain customers and enhance the base of a start-up. Apart from this AI feature helps to score to forecast who is to interact with SMS. Suggests the best time to send SMS so an individual can open it. Determines the frequency of SMS posting, how many times, and at what time and interval.

Getting and Retaining Customer

Salesforce CRM (Customer Relations Management) Platform

It helps stabilize start-up services/products/businesses in delivering exceptional customer experience. CRM helps start-up in storing prospects and customer data. Helps to focus on various end objectives to achieve /materialize.

aintaining customer relations is of immense importance to start-ups to be successful. For a start up, a positive customer experience is a building block for success. CRM tool helps start-ups build the prospect's trust to convert into a customer and existing customer base. With Salesforce CRM tool /software, data and interaction become easy and customer-friendly. Mapping customer contact is an essential element along with time and marketing efforts for the success of start-ups. CRM tools make it easy.


It is a burning issue faced by Start-ups. Salesforce observed that start-ups fail and find it difficult to sustain business and grow, due to multiple reasons. Even if Start -up has begun with limited resources, customers must not know, and communication must be seamless in the event of start -up operating very thinly. As the Start-up advances significantly, it struggles to keep contact with the swelled-up customer number. Salesforce CRM creates one hub to communicate with all hot buttons of customers i.e. from sales process proceeds to email. This helps to establish and grow a start-up with limited or fragile resources. Further, the Salesforce CRM platform helps startups automate interaction or reminders, which helps retain customers and feeds, serves new leads /prospects, and turns into customers.

Maximize Resources and Time (Saving as well)

Start ups are always in a hurry and worry about time and resource utilization. Ambitious and dynamic inexperienced or new founder presumes so much to achieve in so little time and thin resource and worry about ROI. CRM helps act efficiently, saves time. It's as good as adding revenue to start up. At the same time, it maximizes utilization of resources for respectable ROI to retain start-up. Apart from this, the Salesforce App Exchange allows free downloads and payment like Google OR Apple play store. The benefit to start-up is a broader platform with multiple apps, and easy accessibility.

Data-driven message or contact data

This feature keeps the marketing cloud-related information contact-related. Data is related to contact any change in data, for example, contact in communication as a prospect. When converted to a customer, the cloud automatically removes them from the prospects and keeps them into a new customer profile.

Salesforce features for start-up

Global support

better customer insights

forecast opportunities

exceptional user resources


excellent customization

Salesforce offers specially created, suitable cloud-based products

Sales Cloud
Sales Cloud

This meets the requirement of Start-up, by managing leads, conversions and customer base. It helps manage current, past and future communication flow.

Sales Cloud
Service Cloud

-CRM platform helps start-ups manage service to customer, track communication, and operate service diligently. More over it assist in resolving customer query. All can be done and controlled by back-office /support team, thus saving the valuable resource of Start -up time.

Financial Force
Financial Force

A cloud financial management application- a flagship product of FinancialForce.com; providing end-to-end accounting solutions.

HR Automation
HR Automation

Application that integrates cloud, mobile, social and data science.

To improve is to change;
to be perfect is to change often.

Salesforce understands the psyche, ambition, and vision of start-ups.

Resolving challenges of start-ups is a mission of Salesforce cloud platform. At Oak Tree Software we believe, every entrepreneur, big, small, new traditional, established or start-up has something best to offer to their customers. That's where we assist in integrating Salesforce and encourage start-up. You may be a new small business or Start-up, but with Salesforce platforms, you can manage your service, product like a seasoned and experienced entrepreneur.