What is a Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack/ Salesforce NPSP? Its features and benefits.

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a free and open-source solution provided and managed by Salesforce.org and made available via Salesforce AppExchange for non-profit organizations. It is built with various managing features to facilitate non-profit organizations in managing their customer’s data using the CRM model and some common business processes.

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) previously known as Salesforce Starter Pack is a preconfigured app for non-profits. It is designed with fundraising and easy to use constituent and donor management application to ease the non-profit’s regular business process



Here, you will come to know about the features of the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack and its benefits. So, let’s discuss the features in detail.


Features of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack


Connect Constituent Relationships

This amazing CRM breaks down the silos into marketing, programs, fundraising, and leadership in order to view them all together. Once the data is inserted in the CRM, it will automatically connect, communicate, and manage the relationships. Salesforce NPSP can truly increase your fundraise and drive a better impact.


Donation and Grant Management

Running a non-profit organization means struggling to be on the top of the donation and grants. NPSP is the best solution for easy tracking of the donation and management of the grants. Also, help your members to look after the soft credits, matching gifts, giving campaigns, and allocate required funds.


Engagement Management 

For successful execution of the engagement management, one needs to keep tracking the levels of the constituents and connection with the donors. With this feature of the NPSP, organizations can monitor the onboarding and engagement of the volunteers without any hassle.


Detailed Reports and Analytics

How each process of the organization is running and what are their impacts? All this information can be easily checked through this feature of the NPSP. It creates easily understandable reports and analytics for the team to measure the fundraising performance and impact of the mission. Organizations can even forecast their performance for the coming months.


Easy Access through mobile App

Yes! Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack is easily accessible through mobile applications wherein you can create and update the data related to the household accounts. Fetching contact information is also quick with the mobile application.


Benefits of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack


Quick support staff

Salesforce is well-known for offering the best support for their NPSP users. This means you don’t have to struggle in understanding the layout, dashboard, and functionality because the support staff is always ready to help you.


Affordable for Non-profit Organizations

There are more than 30,000 non-profit organizations that are using Salesforce NPSP and running their organizations with ease. Most of the basic features of this CRM are completely free and additional features are also quite affordable.


Send Emails to segmented Lists

Once you set up NPSP with your organization, it enables you to send quick emails to your segmented lists through outlook, Gmail, etc.

Above mentioned features and benefits of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack proves that it’s an ultimate solution for the non-profit organization. Salesforce.org is always ready to resolve any issue related to the CRM. So, if you are planning to get NPSP, then you are making the right decision for your organization. It’s time to organize your database with the help of Salesforce NPSP!

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