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Deliver unforgettable experiences to your end customers by taking up the advantages of the Salesforce service cloud. Provide your agents the premium tools required to make your business end customers happy. For that mission, you need to seek Oaktree software’s business exclusive Salesforce service cloud services in USA, India, and Australia.

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Modernize your organization's interactions with customers and revamp customer support

With Service cloud solutions from Oaktree software, you can support your service crew to work faster with greater productivity, regardless of where they are. It comes up with a set of smart productivity tools that quickly handle the cases, and provide agents with a holistic and shared view of all clients and interactions.

Service Cloud also offers quick assistance for self-service portals. By linking clients to account information, knowledge articles, and community members, we can improve your support operations. The inbuilt AI-powered chatbots assist in quickly resolving consumer issues. Furthermore, it assists clients across all channels and at all times.

You'll be always available to your consumers on their preferred messaging channels, including SMS, Chat, Facebook, Whatsapp, and more, at any time they need you. With the built-in, AI-powered chatbots, you can quickly provide one-on-one assistance or scale up the support.


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Our Service Cloud Services

We get you covered in every service cloud requirement. Being one of the top-rated Salesforce service cloud companies in India, USA, and Australia, we offer a full set of Salesforce Service Cloud solutions and tools to assist your team to take your business to peak level.

Service Cloud Implementation

Whether you need the service cloud solution from the base or want to customize an existing solution, we are a top specialist in Service cloud commits for smooth service cloud implementation. Our Service Cloud experts are qualified to help you at every stage. To ensure that your ideal Service Cloud implementation meets your customer service goals our zealous Service cloud developers team provides the necessary customization, setup, and integration.

Service Cloud Consulting

We take up the complete responsibility of your business and treat it as our own. By figuring out your business struggles, we provide the right service cloud consultation and work with internal stakeholders to achieve your future business goals. Our Certified Service Cloud consultants can help you identify integration requirements and develop an implementation strategy.

Service Cloud Integration

Our Service Cloud integration team has extensive experience with CTI, email, and other Salesforce Clouds (Community, Sales, Marketing), Magento, ERP, and other systems. We, at Oaktree software, are Salesforce integration experts that have successfully completed diverse complex integrations all across the world.

Service Cloud Migration

Our Service Cloud professionals can help you to migrate from your current customer service product to Service Cloud so you can give excellent customer service. This Solution Cloud migration service may include the transfer of critical data, information, and more. We, at Oaktree software, make sure that your desirable migration goes off without a hitch in the business process. We can also help you migrate from Service Cloud Classic to Service Cloud Lightning.

Service Cloud support and Enhancement

We offer a wide range of Service Cloud Support services, including user training. If you already have a hand-in Service Cloud and need its maintenance service to keep your business running smoothly, we can help with that. Our Service Cloud experts can also assist you with major enhancements such as feature enhancements, bug fixes, bespoke app creation, customization, and more.

Our specialised Service Cloud Offering

Our Salesforce Service Cloud experts have extensive knowledge and can assist you in achieving your business end-goal.

Social Customer Service

This tool is required by customer service teams to manage cases on a variety of social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others. This Service Cloud function, which is linked to omnichannel routing, is advantageous for a variety of sectors.

social customer service

Case Management

Case Management blends automated processes with easy access to the context, complete details, and history of all cases, as well as customer engagement, to smoothly handle the customer issues. Using this Salesforce capability you can direct case requests to the agents who are experts and most qualified to resolve them. It also enhances productivity by making the service process run more smoothly. Case records are automatically created in your business using the email-to-case and web-to-case functionalities. Furthermore, it focuses on essential operations by receiving notifications and updates when action is required. With pre-written email templates, Case Management streamlines the process of sending messages. The user interactions can be viewed in chronological order.

case management

Agent Workspace

It enables your business agents to handle cases efficiently from a single screen utilizing an easy-to-use service console. Using a comprehensive and well-connected workspace saves half of the agent time. A spectacular agent experience is key to a fantastic customer experience. It equips your team with productivity tools, and omnichannel console, AI, automation, and a consolidated view of all case facts and customer interactions. Smart tools and automation, boost agent productivity. Furthermore, with a 360-degree perspective of each customer, you can tailor every conversation with the agent's workspace.

agent workspace

Knowledge Base Management

Using knowledge-based management, you can now help our customers and organization to locate answers more easily and quickly. It empowers your agents by providing the best responses to customer inquiries. It provides consistent responses and increases agent productivity. Furthermore, it enables customers to assist themselves quickly. One of the finest methods to provide excellent customer care is to use a knowledge base. It has covered everything, from supporting agents to consumer self-service desiring for the right solutions. As a result, you should incorporate a Knowledge Database into your service website and allow our consumers to self-solve their problems.

knowledgebase management

Lightning Service Console

It provides service agents with a depth overview of each situation, including a 360-degree view of the customer. The lightning Service Console enables them to quickly resolve cases without having to switch between tabs and having all of the required information at their fingertips in a very simple and practical manner. All of the agents' workspaces are stored here. Besides displaying the case's history and current status, it also displays customer and account information and allows agents to search for required knowledge articles from within the case record.

data migrate

Omnichannel routing

It automatically matches cases from the required channel, including chat, messaging, voice, and email, to the most appropriate agent based on experience and skill set. With this Salesforce service cloud feature, your customer service will outperform numerous communication channels according to your preferences. In order to embrace the best from the Service cloud features, you need to associate with top Service Cloud companies like Oaktree software.


Custom Reports and Dashboards

Custom reports and dashboards help you make the right decisions. It also aids in the tracking of cases and customer information to provide a 360-degree view of the customer. It provides a single-pane view of the entire business in real-time. Sales reps may dig deeper while managing accounts with the help of quick and simple report production.

customer reports

Einstein Bots

Salesforce Einstein can help us improve your interaction in most circumstances. This will save up part of the agent's time and provide customers with quick responses to simple questions such as order status. In addition, if your Einstein Chatbots are unable to assist, the customers will be transferred to agents who are knowledgeable in the field of the client's problem. Salesforce Einstein helps with customer conversation automation, which saves time and effort.

einstein bots

Service Analytics

Service Analytics powered by Salesforce Einstein provides insights into agent performance and department for both service managers and service agents. You can look at reports of various levels of difficulty. You can now increase team efficiency by using built-in dashboards that monitor agent performance, channel utilization, and KPIs from anywhere. By incorporating analytics into the agent workspace, your agents will be able to make better-informed decisions of the customer interactions. Managers and agents can quickly open cases, craft tasks, change records, move cases, and interact from a single insight point, all without having to jump between separate analytics tools.

accounts management

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