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Salesforce's B2B marketing automation, Pardot, furnishes a marketing automation solution that fulfils the needs of all sizes of B2B organisations. Being trusted as a business automating Salesforce Pardot Implementation Company, we can make your business to run the processes in automated, smarter and effective way

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Open the doorway for More Leads and Sales with Salesforce Pardot

Intensify your sales revenue by an average of 40% by automating your marketing process. For that you need to Incorporate Salesforce Pardot solution that enables you to build powerful connections, generate more pipeline and doubles your sale

Speedily accomplish your Sales target and take your business to next level by seeking Oaktree software’s Salesforce Pardot implementation service

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We possess a great knowledge, and successful experience in Salesforce Pardot implementation that certainly makes us to take you to new business heights in more accelerated, optimised, and effective manner.

Lead Management

Reach the right customer at the right time and improvise your customer engagement and ROI with the help of the lead management feature. The Lead Management process consists of the following steps.

  • Lead Nurturing Take care of your active prospects/ clients at every stage and stay connected to them from the ground stage to the final stage with the Lead Nurturing functionality. Plan the triggers and set the automated send emails with the dynamic content based on the client interactions and needs
  • Lead Qualification and Lead Scoring Qualify leads based on their score to figure out who is truly interested so that you can prioritise your sales accordingly.
Lead Management

Personalized Email Marketing

You can easily send personalised and pervious interaction based emails to your customers with the Salesforce Pardot. Oaktree software enables you to create eye catchy, responsive, out-of-the-box emails for your business that leave an indelible impression on your customers.

The best part is that Salesforce Pardot allows you to schedule email sends and run A/B tests. Test the emails, include dynamic content in emails that changes based on the prospect's engagement, and use automatic data segmentation to target the right audience even more effectively.

Personalized Email Marketing

Salesforce Engage

Salesforce Engage enables you to provide personalised buying experiences to your customers and close deals more quickly. Salesforce Engage includes the following capabilities:

Engage Campaigns

Salesforce engage uses a library of templates to deliver the right message every time, while also nurturing the tracks.

Engage Reports

It identifies market trends that help to close deals quickly. Reps can use interactive dashboards to track and manage the success of their campaigns.

Engage for Gmail and Outlook

It assists in sending one-to-one emails from the selected email interface while automatically logging interactions in Salesforce and engage.

Engage Alerts

Salesforce engage learn all interactions, allowing you to sell more effectively. It also monitors prospect engagement in real time and knows when to contact them.

Engage for Salesforce Mobile

It can be used to sell from anywhere – on the road or in the office. It responds only at the point of engagement and adds leads to campaigns from your mobile device to strengthen them.

Sales Alignment

Align your sales with Salesforce Pardot and get real-time alerts, allowing you to be the first to respond to potential clients. Connect your Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Pardot to create a unified sales process. Track your prospect's activity history anonymously so that you can easily convert them.

Sales Alignment

ROI Reporting

Salesforce Pardot provides insights into how your marketing affects your revenue. Your marketing campaigns' performance can be measured and tracked. To track the performance of your sales funnel, create a complete Lifecycle report for each of your customers. Create email marketing reports to learn how your customers are responding to the emails you sent them.

By integrating Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Commerce Cloud with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud via Marketing Cloud Connect, you can gain a 360-degree view of your customer (MCC). Using Marketing Cloud Connect, you can use your Sales and Service Cloud data to create marketing campaigns in Marketing Cloud.

ROI Reporting

Landing Pages and Smart Forms

At Oaktree software we assist you in creating beautiful and responsive landing pages as well as smart forms to engage with your customers and increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

Landing Pages and Smart Forms

Organic and Paid Search

Salesforce Pardot integrates Google Adwords with Pardot, allowing you to manage your SEO and SEM from a single platform.

Organic and Paid Search

Pardot Einstein

Pardot Eintein enables you to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence in your Sales and Marketing campaigns, allowing you to reach your most qualified prospects at the right time. You can use Pardot Einstein to analyse and monitor data from Salesforce and Pardot.

Pardot Eintein provides the following services:

  • Einstein Campaign Insights
  • Einstein Lead Scoring
  • Einstein Behavior Scoring
Pardot Einstein

How Salesforce Pardot Implementation can be Profitable to your Business?

Create the most effective and tempting content.

Create Eye-Catching, Tailored, and Personalized Emails.

Using Einstein Intelligence, identify potential customers.

Sales Alerts and Activity in Real Time.

Sync the marketing and sales team processes.

What makes Oaktree software Exclusive from others?

Successful years of experience in the Salesforce Development realm

Delivered 200+ Businesses and users winning complex Salesforce-based products and apps

150+ Certified and Ambitious Salesforce developers have a zeal to make a business from zero to hero

Agile Methodologies allow us for 100% Customer satisfaction

Economical Pricing with high quality and high tech products

Rapid Delivery

Delivering the Salesforce development services globally

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