Revolutionize Patient Engagement with Our Cutting-Edge Salesforce Health Cloud Consulting Services

Uncover Deeper Insights into Patient Needs and Aspirations, Empowering You to Deliver Unparalleled, Personalized Healthcare Experiences. Our Expertise in Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation and Customization Ensures Seamless Integration, Putting Your Patients at the Center of Care Innovation. Elevate Healthcare Delivery, Enhance Patient Satisfaction, and Transform the Future of Wellness with Our Comprehensive Solutions.

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Your Patients, Our Priority: Enriching Care through Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation

  • At Oaktree Software, we specialize in delivering unparalleled custom Salesforce Health Cloud implementation and integration services tailored specifically for health and life science companies. Our team, comprised of certified Salesforce Health Cloud consultants, is dedicated to crafting intuitive and dependable solutions that enable you to foster strong, one-to-one relationships with your patients, members, employees, and partners. We empower every stakeholder in your ecosystem by providing timely access to the right information, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for all.

Transform patient care with our Salesforce Health Cloud consultants

Armed with profound expertise, our seasoned team of Salesforce Health Cloud specialists consistently goes the extra mile, ensuring healthcare and life science businesses excel in delivering exceptional patient care.


Electronic Health Records Integration

Seamlessly integrate Electronic Health Records with our expert team. We'll establish a comprehensive clinical data model, capturing EHR data, care plan goals, tasks, and issues. Centralize everything on a single platform for efficient design, execution, and management of coordinated care plans for your patients.


Data Model Setup Services

Empower your journey with our Data Model Setup Services. Armed with robust expertise and a profound understanding of data models, we ensure a seamless implementation and adoption of Health Cloud. Easily incorporate custom objects, fields, and automation into your finalized health cloud data model, unleashing the full potential of your system.


Setup services for the Care Plan

Elevate your healthcare approach with Oaktree software Healthcloud Services. Our certified Health Cloud experts specialize in crafting personalized care plans tailored to your unique requirements. Empowering care workers, we facilitate the creation of one or multiple care plans per individual, comprehensively addressing goals, problems, tasks, and other vital patient-related factors.


Patient Profile Setup Services

Experience streamlined healthcare management with our Patient Profile Setup Services. We excel in creating well-organized patient accounts seamlessly integrated with their care plans. Caregivers gain comprehensive access to view all patient data cohesively and efficiently


Services for Timeline View Setup

Transforming patient experiences effortlessly across diverse channels is now within reach for healthcare companies. Our services empower you to establish a personalized timeline view for each patient. Seamlessly organizing patients' data in chronological order has never been easier.

Revolutionize Care: Harnessing the Strength of Salesforce Health Cloud Features for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Our adept Salesforce team brings a wealth of expertise, navigating the platform with finesse and a deep understanding of its varied features.


Patient 360

Embark on a transformative journey with Patient 360 – your gateway to a real-time, comprehensive exploration of each patient's unique medical narrative. Seamlessly integrating with cutting-edge healthcare systems, this innovative platform empowers healthcare professionals with a holistic view, encompassing medical history, treatments, and outcomes.

patient management

Patient Management

Offers a bird's-eye view of individual health journeys, fostering easy tracking and collaboration across dynamic healthcare teams. Care Coordination takes center stage, connecting professionals, caregivers, and patients in a harmonious symphony of involvement and information.

case management

Case Management

Streamlining workflows becomes second nature with our Case Management tools. Automation takes the lead, ensuring timely issue resolution and efficient management that keeps pace with the fast-evolving healthcare landscape.


Health Data Integration

This powerhouse seamlessly weaves together data from diverse sources – EHRs, diagnostic tools, wearables – offering a panoramic snapshot of a patient's health. The result is a cohesive, insightful canvas for healthcare providers.


Analytics and Insights

Analytics and Insights emerge as beacons of understanding within this ecosystem, illuminating trends, measuring outcomes, and empowering providers with data-driven decisions. Operational Efficiency takes center stage, orchestrating a symphony of automation and compliance management.


Clinical Decision Support

In the realm of Clinical Decision Support, doctors find a trusted ally. Patient data, EHRs, and clinical systems converge, offering tools like drug interaction checkers and clinical guidelines. Decisions become more than choices; they become well-informed, intelligent strides toward enhanced patient care.

All-inclusive Healthcare and Life Sciences Solutions – Elevate Your Capabilities with Salesforce Health Cloud Services

Revolutionize communication and streamline workflows between patients and healthcare providers with our top-tier Salesforce Healthcare Cloud services. Whether in primary care, specialized services, or any healthcare vertical, our dedicated Salesforce Health Cloud consultants are here to elevate your healthcare business to new heights.

Salesforce Health Cloud for Providers

Unleash the power of SF Health Cloud to empower caregivers, service agents, and coordinators to deliver timely and personalized insights seamlessly across all devices. Healthcare partners can achieve fruitful outcomes by connecting treatment plans, patient preferences, and EHR data, creating a unified and dynamic healthcare experience.


Salesforce Health Cloud For Payers

Salesforce Health Cloud is your key to not just attracting but retaining members by fostering meaningful relationships. Through seamless integration and implementation, it goes beyond, enhancing member experiences and catalyzing improved collaboration for lasting impact.


Salesforce Health Cloud for Pharma/Biotech

Experience the next level with Salesforce Health Cloud for Pharma/Biotech, making it a breeze for companies to elevate patient experiences. Streamline acquisition, enhance support, and effortlessly engage with patients throughout their health journey.

Salesforce Migration Consulting

Why Choose Oaktree Software?


Absolutely. OakTree Software specializes in tailoring Health Cloud solutions to meet the unique needs of your healthcare organization, ensuring optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

OakTree Software prioritizes data security, following industry best practices and adhering to healthcare compliance standards to safeguard your sensitive information.

Is OakTree Software's Health Cloud integration seamless with existing systems? Yes, our team excels in seamlessly integrating Health Cloud with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition without disruptions to your operations.

OakTree Software provides support, from the initial implementation to ongoing assistance. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring the continued success of your Health Cloud services.

Why Oaktree as your ideal Salesforce Financial Service Cloud Partner?

Successful years of experience in the Salesforce Development realm

Delivered 200+ Businesses and users winning complex Salesforce-based products and apps

150+ Certified and Ambitious Salesforce developers have a zeal to make a business from zero to hero

Agile Methodologies allow us for 100% Customer satisfaction

Economical Pricing with high quality and high tech products

Rapid Delivery

Delivering the Salesforce development services globally

Collaborate with the Best : Fortune's Esteemed Clients Chosen us

We are honored to be the chosen partner of Fortune's esteemed clients. Our reputation for excellence, coupled with our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results, sets us apart as the trusted ally in their pursuit of success.

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