Salesforce Community

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Magnify your business process with our Salesforce Community Implementation and Solutions

Build your community, provide stellar service to your customers, enhance sales and empower your employees by embracing Salesforce Community implementation solutions from Oaktree software highly rated for offering advantageous Salesforce oriented services

What is Salesforce Community?

Salesforce's Community is a profitable online digital experience platform that enables businesses of every size across diverse industries toeasily reach and manage their relationships with customers, partners, and employees. The platform's communities can be used to get client feedback, provide customer support, qualify leads, train employees, and much more. It's up to you to figure out how to employ its features both inside and outside your organization

With the Salesforce community you can properly streamline and set up the business ecosystem, effectively track each department taskin real-time, serve customers more closely, and close the deals faster.

business goals

Build your business Community

According to Salesforce community features we help you to construct the community based on your requirements


Business integration

Enables integration of data from any third party source and let’s easy solution for escalate cases. Businesses can keep an eye on qualify leads.



Personalizationallows for personalised approach in maintaining customer and partner relationships, empower them to obtain the information they require more quickly.



To ensure that your communities fit your corporate image, Branding offers a number of pre-built themes and templates to pick from.



Enables the creation of online communities and the active participation of their members.



Technology makes it possible for your communities to collaborate and access information from any device, anywhere in the world.

Community Management & Analytics delivers useful insights into the behaviour and interests of your community members, allowing you to personalise and optimise your services and products to meet the demands of your customers and partners.