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The Salesforce Sales Cloud empowers to automate the sales process and provides the best assistance to the sales managers and sales reps in terms of active leads, reports, customer data, and more. The Sales Cloud features help you create a perfect sales process, track how it's being followed, provide detailed customer information, and manage effective customer engagement across numerous channels.

We help you in systematic personalization of sales cloud that can increase the value of your sales and revenue. We, at Oaktree software, integrate Sales Cloud from the ground up to the point where it generates a positive ROI for you within the first month of operation. We also provide Salesforce Sales Cloud customization services, as well as all bespoke functionality, so that you can embrace the app exactly how you desire it. We also provide Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration with other systems.

By leveraging the Salesforce Sales Cloud your company’s sales and revenue can reach to next level within a short time. It helps you run your business smartly and effectively by allowing you to sell at any time and from any location. Furthermore, it obtains a 360-degree perspective of your customers and delivers an unforgettable experience for them. Salesforce Sales Cloud ties up your marketing, sales, and service teams together at every level of the sales process. It also brings AI and Einstein Analytics to your sales cycle.


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Our Sales Cloud Services

Oaktree software offers a full range of Salesforce solutions, including a variety of Sales Cloud services. With full proficiency and experience, our team commits you to transform your business with flawless integration and development of Sales Cloud apps

Sales Cloud Consulting

Our Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultants and product specialists have depth knowledge of the Salesforce Sales Cloud platform and their consultation, strategies, and ideas have restructured big business processes. They thoroughly analyze your company's requirements and identify the right strategies to integrate your sales process with best practices using Salesforce Sales Cloud. Our inclusive certified Salesforce Consultants can assist you in establishing your CRM plan for success and addressing automation opportunities in your Sales Cloud.

Sales Cloud Integration

We are Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration experts who can accurately connect your Sales Cloud to CTI, ERP, social, email, media, and other AppExchange, third-party, and eCommerce platforms. We work with you to ensure that you get the outcomes you thirst for. We have the knowledge and experience to use a variety of tools to enable the seamless integration of the app with minimal or no business interruptions. Our team can also help you to grasp the changing customer demands by ensuring that Salesforce Sales Cloud is properly integrated into your business.

Salesforce Cloud implementation

Whether you are seeking to implement Sales Cloud from the ground up or want to customize your current solution our Sales cloud professionals can help in every requirement. We can turn potential into payback by collaborating with your team on the Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation solution to meet your specific needs.

Salesforce Cloud Migration

Oaktree software can help you with Sales Cloud migration from your existing CRM to Sales Cloud. In addition, if you want to migrate from Sales Cloud to Lightning Sales Cloud in Salesforce Classic, our skilled team of Lightning specialists can assist you in a smooth migration that ensures secure data transfer with no interruption in the sales process.

Sales Cloud Support and Evolution

Every product needs to get updated with changing customer and market demands. Our expert Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation support team can support you in effective modernization with changing requirements. In addition, we offer end-to-end Sales Cloud support and training to end-users so that you can maximize Sales Cloud benefits while ensuring system stability and user productivity.

Our Specialised Sales Cloud Solutions

We possess top Salesforce Sales Cloud skills and profound understanding to help you to reach new heights in your businesses in a more efficient, quick, and effective manner.

Leads Management

Salesforce empowers you to keep track of all the needed information about your active prospects. You can view the up-to-date contact information by navigating the activity timeline. After that, use Sales Path to examine the essential documents and best practices. Lead tracking helps you to find out the origin of the marketing team lead came from, read the relevant information on which you can act, and track and send personalized emails directly from the CRM. It also configures automatic lead scoring and routing to ensure that leads don't fall through the cracks and that the right sales professional follows upon them while they're still hot. It keeps track of your leads from the moment they click until the moment they close and converts them into accounts. In addition, after the deal is closed, contacts are closed.

leads management

Territory Management

It enables you to integrate your sales agents and manage their tasks so that you can easily and efficiently allocate your resources, boost up your earnings and sales. In addition, you can specify assignment rules and distribute them to different territories. It helps you create territory users and assign them territory roles, which can help you quickly identify your major resources and close sales.

territory management

Opportunities Management

With Opportunities management, you are seeking a holistic view of your deals and contacts. You can easily follow your deals and learn about their current stage, as well as preserve all necessary information about each stage's associated activities. You can easily keep track of the products associated with your promotions, including number, price, and product codes. By creating quotation templates and creating a PDF from them, you can also send automated quotes to your clients. With the use of personalized and tempting email templates you can send solution associated emails to your client’s problems and close deals rapidly

opportunity management

Campaign Management

You can manage your outbound marketing campaigns as well as get a clear picture of the effectiveness of the marketing efforts with our Salesforce Sales Cloud campaign management. We can also organize your campaigns by creating campaign hierarchies, adding members to your campaigns, and tracking the status of each member as they go through different campaign phases.

campaign management

Data Migration

Salesforce Sales Cloud is known to be the origin to embrace whole data, allowing you to combine information from various external and internal sources into the Sales Cloud. We use data migration tools to ensure a smooth and flawless data transfer to Salesforce. Our professionals have extensive knowledge of numerous migrating tools. They are capable of analyzing the intricacies of migrations and keeping the capabilities to unlock the appropriate solutions based on the business needs and demands

data migrate

Community Management

By providing end-users a single location to access all solutions, Sales Cloud allows them to learn about the best-in-class benefits. It keeps track of content, social listening, the work process along with your affiliates, distributors, and providers' commitments. Salesforce Sales Cloud community setup allows you to share information and collaborate with others. Community is similar to a discussion portal in that it allows you to communicate and discuss business concerns with key members of your organization.

community management

Accounts and Contact Managements

Sales Cloud lets your organization place all of the information about your customers and their interactions in one location. Proper implementation aids your company in keeping track of key contacts and their roles, as well as the partners working on the account and the executives assigned to those accounts and their tasks. You can better organize your contacts, schedule your duties, and manage your deals with Sales Cloud. With client contact management, you get the power to rapidly access essential customer data.

accounts management

Cases Management

Following the completion of the business deal, the account is likely to be inundated with customer complaints about your products or some other issues. The severity, the contact form through which the complaint was made, the account to which this problem is linked, and more are all listed here. All of these instances are handled with simplicity by Sales Cloud, and flawlessly managing the complex cases.

cases management

How Does Sales Cloud ease the Sales Teams?

Sales Cloud makes it simple to find the best solution for each sales role, without considering the job title. It also helps the entire team connect with employees, customers, and partners. Salesforce Sales Cloud makes it effortless for sales reps and managers to execute their jobs more efficiently within less duration time.

Sales Reps: To ease the sales cycle, sales reps demand a smart CRM solution like Salesforce that contains next-step intelligence.

Sales Operations: Using a CRM solution that dramatically improves planning and budgeting, they can seamlessly drive the collaborative company goals.

Sales Leaders: Sincere sales leaders set their teams up for success by providing them with productivity-enhancing tools that make selling easier.

Marketing leaders: They ensure to provide high-quality leads to the sales team. Marketing and sales together can deliver unbelievable ROI that exceeds expectations with the right CRM solutions.

Service Professionals: Because sales and service are combined in one location, agents are always looking for the larger picture. When the agents analyze their customers' needs, they also close cases quickly.

IT experts: With Sales Cloud, IT professionals have the flexibility to do more than just maintain servers. They can identify new business prospects due to the breadth of their responsibilities.

Why is Oaktree software meant to be your Desired Salesforce Cloud Partner?

Successful years of experience in the Salesforce Development realm

Delivered 200+ Businesses and users winning complex Salesforce-based products and apps

150+ Certified and Ambitious Salesforce developers have a zeal to make a business from zero to hero

Agile Methodologies allow us for 100% Customer satisfaction

Economical Pricing with high quality and high tech products

Rapid Delivery

Delivering the Salesforce development services globally

Collaborate with the Best : Fortune's Esteemed Clients Chosen us

We are honored to be the chosen partner of Fortune's esteemed clients. Our reputation for excellence, coupled with our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results, sets us apart as the trusted ally in their pursuit of success.

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