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Get scalable, secure, and well-supported features web applications by embracing exclusive Ruby on rails development services from Oaktree software. As one of the top specialists in ROR development services, we have developed and delivered world-class solutions that have outshined our clients and their end-customers expectations.

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Our ROR development solutions

Where Ruby on Rails is applied? This is a question we get asked far too frequently. Here is the following Ruby on Rails web development services we offer:

  • Rails application Migration

    To stay competitive, go with the evolving technology trends. Get professional migration services to switch your app data from your internal system to the RoR app. Oaktree's expert team has the knowledge and experience to automate SQL interactions with your company's database.

  • Rails MVP Development

    MVP is all about keeping things simple. Creating the Least Viable Product is a great way to understand and go with your customers' preferences and know the reactions to your product. RoR is the best framework for making it happen. It's the quickest way to get your products in front of your prospects. We create a minimum viable product (MVP) to determine its market viability.

  • Ecommerce Development

    Our Ruby on Rails experts are capable of updating and gaining access to cutting-edge technology in order to build e-commerce solutions with Rails. We develop a personal blog, corporate blog, or even an e-commerce store using Ruby on Rails framework features. Our programmers integrate apps and payment gateways into your CMS system to make it easier to use.

  • Only API development

    APIs are now essential tools that interact with third-party software to deliver results quickly. To interact with other systems and tools, any web-based product must have the appropriate API. You can get the best and perfect API that you need by using RoR development services, and our RoR developers know how to create customized APIs for your business's benefit.

  • Custom Ruby on Rails Web Application Development

    Oak Tree software combines pre-built software to create custom applications for your specific business requirements. We can also add custom features to your existing mobile or web-based applications based on your business needs. It will be in line with your company's objectives.

  • Plugins development

    After customizing open-source Ruby on Rails framework applications, we create supportive plugins. It will help you with your business requirements. When you incorporate social media plugins and useful lightweight widgets into your ROR CMS, portal, and blogs, it makes it all more engaging. This also allows you to reach a broader range of target markets.

  • Rails Application Maintenance

    Outsource your Ruby on Rails development needs to our expert team, and you will be amazed by our excellent 24/7 maintenance and support services that will keep your website up and running at all times. Whether you want to upgrade the system, add new features, or migrate the database, you are going to win top-notch ROR support and maintenance.

  • Code Audit

    A code audit is imperative to update software and a business environment. We perform code audits and provide consulting for your existing code bases. If you want to build a powerful repository for your future business needs. We review the code and test the architecture and code quality of your software.

  • Modernization of Enterprises

    An outdated technique can surpass your company's growth. It may necessitate exorbitant maintenance costs. Oaktree software assists you in developing a lean, robust, and future-ready IT asset portfolio that enhances the flexibility of existing applications while lowering IT operating costs.

  • Our Systematic Ruby on Rails Development process(Practice)

    Organizing and following the systematic process for your Ruby on Rails development project is more important than anything else. Examine the process that our Ruby on Rails developers follow when they get assigned to your project.

  • Gathering Requirements

    Clearly defining the problem and challenging areas will assist you in solving them quickly. Our sales team starts the RoR app development process by communicating with you to understand your questions and your specific business requirements, goals, competition, target group, and so on that you want to achieve with your Ruby on Rails app development.

  • Creating a Framework

    Before our technical development team begins to design or develop your RoR app, we start. We have a separate business analyst team that creates wireframes for all mobile screens. The wireframe describes a complete user flow of your app's functionalities and features in order to create the best product according to your company's vision.

  • App UI Design

    Following the creation of wireframes, our mobile app designing team, which has years of experience in app design serves your users with beautiful apps. To provide your users an exceptional experience, our team will design (user interfaces) your app with perfect graphics, color schemes, and iconography. Our team will then begin with developing your RoR software app to make it simple and appealing.

  • Mobile app development or software development

    When our professional UI/UX designers have finished designing your app for the end-user, our development process begins. We develop your RoR application with the appropriate features and functionalities using the latest RoR practices and technologies to solve the specific problems and issues your users face in the current infrastructure

  • Quality Assurance

    Even a single bug in the software will irritate your customers. As a result, we have a dedicated team of quality analysts who conduct mobile app testing to ensure that all aspects of functionality and features are met. We also ensure that the application runs smoothly across all platforms. If our analysts discover any flaws, they remove them and retest the software until it is completely bug-free.

  • Deployment Product

    This is the end process of the app development process. We will deploy and launch your application on your server, making it available for download by your end-users. We take care of the entire implementation phase with the utmost security here. Our technical team also offers 3-months of support even after the product is delivered to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Why elect Ruby on Rails over other Cross-platform Frameworks?

Every technology and framework has its own advantages and disadvantages. The following are some advantages of using Ruby on Rails over other cross-platform frameworks:

  • Ruby on Rails is well-known for its ability to help you create scalable applications.
  • With our development, releasing the API is a breeze.
  • RoR is an excellent choice because it allows you to create a functional mobile, web, or desktop app for your company.
  • When you don't have much time, it saves time.
  • It is used by many big giant companies, including Shopify, Hulu, Twitch, and others. The RoR web development framework is beneficial to them.

Are you looking for an RoR expert to develop a user-oriented app?

We offer a complimentary consultation. Reflect us on your RoR mobility app idea, and our tech team will analyze your business process and recommend the best solution.

Technology Stack

Our RoR experts are well-versed in these technologies.


Rails 6.0.0.rcl

Ruby 2.6.3







Payment Gateways




Why Oaktree software to be your right Ruby on Rails partner?

As a client-oriented Ruby on Rails Development Company, we hold highly skilled and expert Ruby on Rails developers who use the best gems and Rails modules to help you scale your business. We can assist you in maximizing all of the benefits of Ruby on Rails and assuring you to get advanced quality apps for better and smoother operation.

Experienced and results-oriented ROR developers

Our developers have built numerous apps over this framework, each with its own set of features and functionalities.

Flexible Hiring Models

We provide a variety of flexible models for hiring professional and dedicated ROR developers on your project basis which can be hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


If you have any project queries, you will be given the contact information for a point-of-contact person.

Project confidentiality and privacy

We guarantee that any licenses or patterns we use for your project will not be reused for another project.

Work of High Quality

We have been committed to quality work for many years, which is why we use best practices and deliver excellent apps to you.

Technical Support

We will not abandon you even after the app has been delivered. Get three months of free technical support and we will gladly assist you!

How Ruby on Rails is the right framework for Startups and Enterprises?




Open-source frameworks are more easily accessible. As a result, Ruby on Rails is easier to read and can be used to create dynamic software faster, which is advantageous for any startup or a new entrant in the market.

Universal and adaptable

With Ruby on Rails, flexibility is granted for a highly customizable application or web development. As an enterprise, your business requirements may vary, and RoR is the right fit for meeting them all.

Helpful community

The Ruby on Rails community is large and extremely helpful in dealing with all of the issues and problems that arise at the stack. This speeds up the app development process without requiring any additional funds or time.


In the present day’s simplicity and minimalism went a long way. So, with no complications, our expert developers make it easier for various enterprises to complete the RoR application development process smoothly and quickly.


Even with adequate funding and investors, it becomes problematic to keep costs under control all of the time. That is not in the case of RoR, as it provides a quick and easy development process, allowing startups to save more money.


The competition becomes more difficult as a company grows in size. To stay forefront and competitive, you need to launch products or software at breakneck speed. RoR enables you to develop quickly and compete with a large number of companies.

Universal and adaptable

Ruby on Rails is a highly adaptable framework that can be used to create almost anything. This makes it simple for a startup or even a large corporation to develop and launch small-scale applications at first.

Stable and mature

Most apps and websites undergo user retention issues across industries. One thing you can do to avoid losing users is to make sure your app is built on a secure framework like RoR. (Ruby on Rails).


It's not overly complicated or perplexing. Whatever your vision to create will be a lightweight software app, resulting in a smooth and quick user experience. Simple code is preferable over heavy or complicated code.

Automation Testing

Testing is an essential phase of enterprise app and web development. The RoR framework places a strong emphasis on testing mechanisms that will ensure that the enterprise does not experience testing errors.

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