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Are you tired of the time-consuming, difficult, and antiquated real estate procedures? Our team of talented developers is here to transform the market with innovative technologies and intuitive apps that streamline every facet of your real estate business. Our unique real estate apps, built to help you keep organized, save time, and ultimately expand your business, are a reflection of our love for developing thrilling solutions. Our apps are designed to meet your unique needs and objectives, whether you're a real estate agent, broker, or property manager With the help of our apps, you can quickly search for homes, browse descriptions and photographs, manage your own properties, keep track of leads, and get in touch with customers all in one place.

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Making real estate easy with our innovative apps

  • Are you frustrated with navigating the difficulties and intricacies of the real estate company? We're here to help you live a simpler life with our cutting-edge apps. Our team of experienced programmers specializes in making real estate apps that are simple to use and intended to help agents, brokers, and property managers with everyday problems. We are committed to using cutting-edge technology to streamline the real estate process since we recognize how demanding and time-consuming it can be.
  • You can effortlessly manage your properties, keep track of leads and prospects, and organize your workflows with the help of our apps. Our apps are made to be simple and easy so you can focus on building your business rather than figuring out difficult software.
  • We also recognize how quickly the real estate market shifts, which is why we provide continuous assistance and maintenance to keep your app current and adaptable to your changing needs. We're dedicated to keeping you on top of the game in this cutthroat market.
  • Our cutting-edge applications are created to address issues that real estate professionals deal with on a regular basis, such as monitoring listings and keeping track of client interactions. You can speed up operations, reduce waiting times, and boost output with the help of our intuitive apps.

Our Real Estate App Development Services

Our Realtor app development service provides an entire solution that optimizes productivity, streamlines workflows, and equips you to interact with your customers whenever and wherever you choose. With our app, you can simply manage your listings, arrange showings, keep track of leads, and work with your team from the convenience of your hand. Our in-the-moment alerts and reminders will ensure that you never again overlook a chance to clinch a deal or follow up with a lead. Our system adapts to your demands and gives you the freedom you require to thrive, whether you're a single agent or a large team.

In today's fast-paced world, managing a real estate property or household can be overwhelming. Leverage our real estate household management app development solution to organize your properties and households, improve workflows, and simplify your life. For real estate agents and homeowners searching for an effective way to manage their homes and properties, our Real Estate Household Management software is the ideal choice. With our app, you can manage maintenance requests, schedule inspections, track rent payments, talk to tenants or homeowners, and more all in one spot. Our app's ability to be personalized to meet your particular demands is one of its unique features. Our app can also be modified to match your specific needs, whether you're a homeowner with a big house, a landlord with several rental units, or both. Custom checklists may be made, deadline reminders can be established, and notifications can be received when a task is finished or a deadline is coming up.

Are you sick of the slow, laborious, and time-consuming traditional methods of listing properties? Our property listing app development service provides a contemporary and efficient solution that makes listing and marketing your properties simple. With the help of our app's user-friendly design, you can easily create and maintain property listings. You may present your homes to prospective buyers or tenants in a visually appealing and engaging way by uploading high-quality images and videos, giving thorough property descriptions, and more. Additionally, our property listing app provides advanced search filters and location-based features to help potential tenants and buyers find homes that suit their needs and preferences. You may reach a larger audience and improve your chances of fast-closing business by using our app.

Imagine having access to home security even while you are thousands of miles away. No longer being concerned about lost keys or unauthorized entry. You have the power of home security at your fingertips with the help of our smart home access app development service. A tailored app that meets all of your access control requirements is being developed by our team of talented developers. Our app is created with cutting-edge technology to provide the highest level of home security. Your home will always be secure as a result of real-time activity monitoring. However, it goes beyond mere security. Our software provides a simple way to control who has access and what rights for members of the family, close friends, or service providers. From your smartphone, you can effortlessly allow or deny access. Additionally, our software will ensure that you never forget your access codes again.

Have there ever been places you've wanted to visit but weren't able to due to distance, time, or other factors? No matter where you are, the globe is brought to you through our virtual tour app development service. Our team of talented developers builds tailored virtual tour apps that give consumers an engaging experience. You can explore a variety of locations using our app, including historical sites, real estate, and vacation spots. You may also add your own unique touches to create a bespoke virtual tour. You may easily browse the virtual environment using our app's user-friendly UI. You can interact with many aspects of the virtual tour by rotating the perspective, zooming in and out, and changing the magnification level. You'll also feel as though you're there owing to our superb 360-degree photos and movies. Our virtual tour app is the ideal choice for you if you're a real estate agent showing properties, a museum offering virtual tours, or a travel agency advertising locations. It offers a practical and economical solution to connect with your target audience, boost engagement, and deliver an exceptional user experience.

When you have several properties to manage, it can be a difficult chore. Our property management development service offers a one-stop shop for all of your property management requirements. Our skilled team of developers makes specialized property management apps that simplify your life and streamline your business operations. You may manage your properties at anytime, anywhere with our app. From your smartphone, you can simply manage maintenance requests, track rent payments, and get in touch with your tenants. Additionally, our app offers insightful statistics on the performance of your properties, enabling you to make informed choices. You can keep track of rental revenue, expenses, and occupancy rates all in one location. Additionally, by using our automated processes, you'll save time, decrease errors, and boost productivity.

Are you looking for a new house or flat? Maybe you're sick of looking for homes the old-fashioned way, taking hours to go through countless listings, and calling people to set up viewings. If so, our buying or renting app development service can be the solution you've been looking for. Creating user-friendly, intuitive apps that simplify the process of purchasing or renting a property is something our team of experienced programmers excels at. Our software was created to handle these frequent issues because we are aware of the hassles that might arise when looking for the ideal house. With our app, you can quickly browse through listings of available homes, narrowing your search depending on your preferred neighbourhood, price range, and other factors. Each property has a thorough description, pictures, and a virtual tour that you can examine before scheduling a showing.

Our Real estate development process

The process of developing an app could seem intimidating, but our team of skilled developers has years of experience in building real estate apps that have been successful and have benefited our clients in reaching their business objectives.

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Understanding your company and your target market is the first step in the process. Together, we will determine your aims and objectives as well as the requirements and problems faced by your clientele.

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We'll develop a thorough plan for the app, including its features, functionality, and design, once we have a firm grasp of your company's goals and target market.

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For your company, our expert design team will produce an interface that is visually attractive, user-friendly, and consistent with your brand. In order to make sure the design lives up to your expectations, we'll work directly with you.

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The magic takes place here. By coding the features and functionality defined during the planning stage, our team of developers will bring the app to life.

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We'll put the app through a lot of testing before we release it to make sure it lives up to our high standards for usability and quality. Additionally, we'll collaborate with you to collect beta testers' comments in order to improve the software.

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Once the app is complete, we can help you in launching it on the app stores while making sure it complies with all applicable rules and laws.

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After the software is out, our work doesn't finish. In order to maintain the app's seamless operation and compliance with your business objectives, we will offer ongoing support and maintenance.

Our Flexible Engagement Models

Fixed-price mode

This model is best for clients who are aware of the specifications and financial constraints of their projects. We'll give you a thorough quote up front that outlines the project's scope of work and fixed cost.

Time and materials model

These models are best suited for clients with more complicated or ongoing projects where the scope of the job may alter over time. We'll give you a rough idea of the time and materials needed, and we'll only charge you for the actual time and materials utilized.

Dedicated team model

This technique is best for customers who need continuing development services but lack the means or the know-how to oversee a team on their own. A dedicated group of programmers, designers, and project managers will be assigned to work solely on your project, either on-site or remotely.

Hybrid model

This method, which combines the fixed-price and time-and-materials models, works well for clients that wish to strike a compromise between flexibility and cost certainty. For the first scope of work, we'll give you a fixed pricing; you'll have the option to add extra features or functionality for a fee based on the time and materials used.

Why Oaktree software as your Real Estate development Partner?


A company that develops software and focuses on developing applications for the real estate sector is known as a real estate app development company. These software programs might be used with real estate-related products including virtual tours, property management software, and search engines for properties.

App design, programming, testing, and maintenance are among the services that real estate app development businesses often provide. Additionally, they could provide advisory services to assist clients in choosing the optimal strategy for their projects.

You should search for a company with experience in creating comparable applications when selecting a real estate app development company such as Oaktree Software. Additionally, search for a business with a solid track record in the sector, references, or case studies of previous projects. You should also seek a business that can give a variety of services and continuing support for your application.

Depending on the complexity of the application, the platform it is built on, and other considerations, the cost of designing a real estate app can vary greatly. To fully grasp the cost of the project, it's crucial to obtain a precise quote from a real estate app development business.

Depending on the application's complexity and other circumstances, the time required to design a real estate app can also change. To make sure the project stays on track, it's crucial to engage with your app development business to define a clear plan and milestones.

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