Pipeline Campaign Movement in Salesforce

Pipeline campaign management is a process to manage all the products stored in a particular campaign, categorizing the purchased products and contact creation. Purchased Products are categorized based on their type and when a customer selects any product the category of that particular product will get stored. There are two different fields as contact field and product field, as any customer purchase a product from the salesforce or website these two fields will get updated with the purchased product’s category. According to that category, Campaign Members get created.  

Campaign and Campaign Member

A campaign is an object that stores multiple records. When a contact gets created in the campaign for a particular purchased product category is called campaign member. 

This whole concept will understand trough an example

For Example – Customer Purchase a weightloss Product “$1 One Time Charge ” is having Category “Supplement”.

So when customers purchase this product, Contact’s Product field will get updated with the value as ‘Supplement ’. There is one field that is ‘Highest Product’ which is a formula field, it is automatically filled with the highest priority product according to formula, and in that contact, the Campaign Member will get created which is SuplmtBuy Pipeline Campaign (ALL DAYS).

The product field is multi-picklist so we can select multiple products in that field and these Products’ categories are mentioned below from highest to lowest priority.

Coaching                                                      Highest Priority




LIVE Challenge                                                     



Book                                                              Lowest Priority


So If Contact having Supplement in both Contact’s Product field and ‘Highest Product ’ field, and customer makes purchase of some more products which is having Product category any one of these – ‘Unlimited’, ‘Live Challenge’, ‘Trial, ‘Program’, ‘Book’ so that ‘Highest Product ’ field did not get updated because Supplement is having higher priority than all of these. 

If the second purchase having product category – ‘UTA’ or ‘Coaching’ then the ‘Highest Product ’ field gets updated with that category because Supplement having a lower priority than both of these.


Example: – These below Contact having a product with supplement Category.



And having the Campaign Member SuplmtBuy Pipeline Campaign (ALL DAYS).


Again this Contact purchases another Product having category ‘Live Challenge’ then ‘Highest Product’ field did not get updated as shown below.



But if this customer purchase product with category ‘UTA’ then the ‘Highest Product’ field gets updated with ‘UTA’ and SuplmtBuy Pipeline Campaign (ALL DAYS) Campaign Member get deleted and a new Campaign Members gets created as UTABuy Pipeline Campaign(ALL DAYS). This is shown below





Note:-There is no Workflow Configuration for Pipeline Campaigns because workflow work for Phone Team Campaigns is used for movement according to ‘Age in Hours’. There is no ‘age in hours’ option in pipeline Campaigns


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