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Transformational Salesforce services for Non-profits

Live up to your Non-profit organizational goals by imposing the revolutionizing Salesforce Non-profit Cloud services with the assistance of Oaktree software experts cherished for delivering exclusive Salesforce consultation and solutions

What is Salesforce Non-profits cloud?

Salesforce Non-profit Cloud software is a marvelous platform destined for fundraising organizations, educational institutions, and other Non-profit entities to amplify their digital reach, strengthen their connections with people, streamline their internal management and processes by keeping an eye on people they work with, and organize the silos among fundraising, program management, marketing, and technology teams.?

The incredible cloud provides a 360 degree view on the ongoing operations and allows NGO’s and non-profit organizations to fund and run all their campaigns effectively using one connected platform

business goals

Insights on customizing the Non-Profit Cloud

Custom fields and Field labels

Utilize Non-profit Cloud according to your organizational needs, as the platform is designed in a way that one can add or change the fields feature by matching the organization criteria without

Data Management and Cleansing

One of the success factors of NPSP is the quality and cleanliness of the data imported into Salesforce. With a set of import templates roots from NPSP, it’s simpler to standardize account, contact, and donation data for import.

Volunteer Management

The functions come as an installable package. With this functionality, one can track volunteer contacts, organize volunteer campaigns, bring up the volunteer roles and responsibilities and enable volunteer registration for different opportunities

Custom Reporting

Pull out complete reports that probably direct you with surface-level analysis. In case if you are aiming for a depth approach, you can consider drafting custom reports. The different organization has different objectives and different metrics. Therefore one can track and optimize the NPO’s growth by building pre-generated custom reports


For a non-profit, it’s mainly advisable to automate various repetitive or time consuming operations. That’s where the Non-profit cloud platform can become bliss for enhancing work efficiency, as one can automate multiple operations of various departments as well as generate reminders to accomplish certain tasks


The best feature where Salesforce outshines in comparison to other platforms. Its convenience to integrate 3rd party applications, platforms and tools has made the developers fall in love with such an incredible tool

Email Templates

For active maintenance of Non-profit organizations, you must send out an abundance of emails. The hectic task gets simplified with Non-profit Cloud, as it supports in providing a good set of templates which eliminates the recreation of email design. It’s a business transformational marketing and communication tool that encourages you to send valuable email emails direct to either individual ( example: case updates, donation, or other) or group audience( example: event invites, organization greetings, newsletters and more)

Find the true potential with Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud

Non-profit Success Pack

Live up to your Non-profit organizational goals by imposing the revolutionizing Salesforce Non-profit Cloud services with the assistance of Oaktree software experts cherished for delivering exclusive Salesforce consultation and solutions

Raise Funds Speedily

When it comes to fundraising, you will never come across a platform like Salesforce. The key goal of Non-profit organizations is funding which can be easily operated and managed through the Non-profit cloud

Streamline your solutions

Getting the solutions for non-profits has become more easier than ever with the foundational platform made handy through the NPSP. Confidently organize and manage your organization mission by embracing the benefits unlocked with Salesforce

Built long lasting Relationship

Connect, build and maintain constituent relationships faithfully than ever anticipated with Salesforce Non-profit solutions personalized to the exclusive wants of you and your organizations

Smarter Management in the Digital era

We stand out in providing higher education institutions and non-profit organizations unbeatable support through sales, marketing, service, and community clouds, and more. Smartly manage and track your organizational end-end tasks by harnessing the power of cloud

Connect and engage with Constituents

Whether it’s providing history to program involvement, in-depth info on household makeups, or donor summaries, NPSP turns out to be the one-stop source for constituent engagement

Why OakTree software as your Non-profit Cloud Partner?

Non-profits organizations deserve a trustworthy Salesforce partner. That’s the main aspect Oaktree software is praised for. We are notable in providing value imparting solutions be it Salesforce development, Salesforce consulting service, Salesforce integrations, CRM database solutions all with experts and personal touch. We never treat you as just a project but admire you as people from valuable organizations bringing change to the world.

We hold the capability to turn unique business processes of Non-profits with an effective configuration of Salesforce.


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