NPSP stands for a non-profit success pack; it is a customized form of salesforce developed to fulfill the requirements of non-profit organizations. It is designed with exceptional features to manage donors, programs, fundraising reports, build relationships, and getting AI-driven insights that can help your organizations manage and plan to make best out of it. Salesforce NSPS is available with constituent and donor management features and can manage the donor details like their contacts, demographics, and other information. Manage donation, history, recurring donation, and details of donated gifts. Managing campaigns, volunteer, volunteer activities, program participants are the functionalities included in Salesforce Non -profit Succes Pack. Here what you can do with it

Salesforce is a powerful CRM that enables non-profit organizations to accelerate their operations by increased fundraising. How it helped non-profit is support cost got decreased, communication ease with donor and constituent got increased and managing the donation cycle got easier.

We work on Salesforce NPSP technology to offer solutions for nonprofit organizations. Our NPSP development experts are familiar with the technology well and experienced working on many projects for the same. They are updated with the latest trends and technologies so that they can offer the best solutions to our clients.

Clients bring their business development requirements to us and we try not to disappoint them in any aspect. Our first priority is to make our clients happy by providing them satisfying solutions. We understand non-profit will be low in budget thus we develop the affordable solutions that can fit into their requirements as well as in budget.

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