How to filter Joint Report of all activity logs in Chatter Feed?

Overview: – This Blog is about joint report scheduling with custom functionality. We will schedule multiple reports to send a report to selected users.

What is Chatter Feed in Salesforce? 

Chatter is a source to collaborate with colleagues for sharing ideas, getting updates and to know company insights. It allows creating groups; you can invite your co-workers to join the group and can share the thoughts through the real-time chat feature.

What is an activity log?

It is the record of every activity on salesforce. When you send emails, make a call or schedule a meeting, everything will get stored in salesforce as an activity log. When you choose a particular activity, all the details will get opened in front of you.

What is the filtration of the Joint Report?

The Reports can be filtered based on the following parameters Date, Time and User name. A particular user can be selected and for that user, the tasks can be filtered through date and time. For example, if you are choosing a user name from the available list you will get all the details for that particular user, then you can choose a task type, be it meeting, call or emails and you will get all the records with the date and time.

A meeting can be scheduled and can send an invite in bulk, you can send meeting records and invites to a number of people whom you want to share details with. Meeting reports can be scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly basis, you can choose frequency accordingly.

Step by step guide to filter activity log details in Chatter 

  • Search and Select the user from the User list to get all activity logs and chatter feed.

  • If you want to filter Activity log and chatter feed according to Today, yesterday, last week and last month then select an option from the picklist to get filtered data.

Check Filter pick list in below Image:-

  • According to the selected option activity, log and chatter feed will be shown.
  • All Activity log filtered by a communication type. If communication Type is meeting then the Activity log will be shown on the list.
  •  In chatter feed list all data includes meeting words that will get filtered.
  • To schedule a report, click on Subscribe Button.

  • Fill Required Details to schedule reports.

  • Step 1:- Select users From All User list to send schedule reports for selected user Mail Ids.
  • Step 2:- Selected user shown in the selected box.
  • Step 3:- select option from frequency to schedule report according to daily, weekly and monthly basis.

If the frequency is weekly selected then 7 days drop list will appear. So you can select any weekday to schedule a report on the selected weekday every week.

If the frequency is monthly selected then mention date to schedule report on the selected date every month.

  • Step 4:- Select the start date to schedule the report.
  • Step 5:-select end date to finish the schedule report.
  • Step 6:- select time to send a schedule report on the selected time.
  • Step 7:- Click on save report schedule button to schedule a report on a given time and date.

This functionality can be done by some basic codes. Codes are shown below:-

  • To store all details of the scheduling report we used a custom setting list.
  • Get details from custom settings then schedule reports.

CRON_EXPR = 0 28 * * *? * Run daily on every 28th min

CRON_EXPR = 0 0 0 * MON? * Run every Monday at 12 am

CRON_EXPR = 0 0 0 1 *? * Run every 1st of the month at 12 am

System.schedule(‘report’, CRON_EXPR, m);


M = schedule class instance

Report = schedule job name

CRON_EXPR = to express schedule time and date

  • Delete schedule job on end date by


Above are the steps given to schedule joint reports and the code used. Reports schedule can be subscribed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, there are fields to direct the duration for scheduling.


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