Everything about Marketing Cloud, Journey Builder and Email Template

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a digital marketing automation and analytics software that works as a service provider. This is a CRM management tool specially designed for marketers to allow them to build a strong relationship and manage with their customers. The basic functionalities you can perform with marketing cloud are, know your customers, keep them engaging, offering personalized services, and managing the insights. Collecting insights like customer behavior and their preferences and converting these insights into useful data enable businesses to generate revenue, increase ROI, offer personalized experiences and satisfy customer needs.

The marketing cloud is the best tool to send email/SMS to lots of campaigns /customers, whether the user is a customer or consumer. You can send personalized messages to the right customer at the right time and with the right channel.

Saving customer data, managing customer journeys, maintaining content and messages, performing analytics on the data collected from customers are the main tasks can be done through Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It enables you to be connected with your customers through various channels like email, phone, social media, and web. Also, you can connect salesforce sales or service cloud and other tools using API to get better insights of customers.

Benefits of using Marketing Cloud

More personalization

Marketers can understand their customer’s needs, what they exactly look for, visiting on the website, making a purchase and the feedback from the customers. These insights allow marketers to hit the best deals at the perfect time, can send them SMS and can mail them.

Easy access

Plan, personalize and optimize the customer journey from multiple devices and multiple channels in one place. Also, it directly stores all the customer details to the cloud, there is no need to store data on big databases servers instead can use for other applications.

Increased efficiency

It reduces the time taken to perform a task by automating it that lessens the manual work and saves a lot of time. Store all the data in an organized way that sort out the things and make work efficient and smooth.

Let us learn about the features offered by Marketing cloud that are journey builder and email templates

What is a Journey builder?

Journey Builder is a campaign planning tool that enables you to design and automate the campaigns that will guide customers through their journey. Using a journey builder you can send email, SMS, also you can update the contact, Lead, campaign records from the journey builder.

How to create journey builder,

You can create Personalized or existing templates for the JB

There are 2 ways to create the journey builder
1 ) From scratch 2) From Template

From Scratch: Here we need to create each and every activity on the journey
From Template: From the existing template means, you need to select the template from the listed JB template and this has the journey with activities.

Sample :

The definition of terms used

What is Source:

Source specifies what is the input to the journey builder.
Below are sources of the JB
Data extension, API event, salesforce data, Event

What is History:

You can see the history of the contact is that complete or met criterion or waiting

What are the Activities in JB
Email, SMS,

Flow controls: wait by duration, wait by attribute, until date, decision split, random split, engagement split and join.

Customer update: contact update

Sales and service cloud: Task, opportunity, lead, contact, case, campaign member, account, concert lead.

What is Goal setting:

You can set the criteria such a way that contact which entered can meet these criteria so that we can identify that this contact has achieved the goal. Or simply we can say this is to check if the contact has met the criteria.

Settings on JB :

Entry mode – Specifies how the contact enters or is the contact can enter only once or multiple times
There are options like, No re-entry, re-entry anytime, Re-entry once finished the contact.

Exit criteria: this will define who will exit with the criteria

Validate and activate: Before you activate your journey you need to validate it and then only you can activate it.

Sample :

What is an Email Template?

As an important part of the marketing, the cloud is creating the email template. Email templates enable you to send emails faster using the information available in salesforce as customer details.

How to create an email template?

For creating the email template either you can select the existing or from the scratch, existing templates are those which we have already created on the journey. You can create the new template as well.

As you create the new template, you need to define the email properties like Template name, description, and location to store the email template

As soon as you fill and click the next button, you will see the content page, where you can define your email body, Subject, and preheader.

There are 2 views

1) For the Html coders or you can say code view where you need to write a code to generate your email body
2) Plain text, where you can paste your code directly in the plain text that means you can paste your HTML code here and it will show directly.
Note: The subject is required here.

Also, you can use the fields or you can use field merge to show the data extension’s record columns on the email. Ex: name of the person.

Finally, you can preview the email template and you can send the email to test.

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