Client Overview

The client is a real estate company based in the Abu dhabi strengthened with besthome construction team facilitating stress-free home ownership. The team assiststhe end customers throughout the entire process, from inquiry to deal closure. The property giant grew in popularity because of its excellent interest in removing the hassles of home ownership.

The realtor make it simple to sell homes, get pre-qualified for a mortgage in minutes, and unlock purchasing power. The real estate team exclude the time-consuming procedures associated with title insurance, escrow, and closing. The team can assist in the search, buy, and maintenance of a home, as well as the processing of documentation on demand.

Challenges Solution and Benefits


When it comes to Real estate companies maintaining a constant contact with their ground staff plays an essential role in making the internal process smooth and simple. Because of the dynamic nature of real estate, every business requires more than just software installed on a server. The requirement for any software addition to be functional in a multi-asset-based environment is unquestionable.

One such difficult task is integrating with third-party service providers such as a multi-functional Salesforce Field Service. The team intended to approach the challenge in stages such as development, deployment, integration testing and QA, and reporting.

Agent productivity is hampered by the creation and management of work orders for field service operations. It is also a challenge to ensure that these work orders are routed to the appropriate resource within the time frame specified for real-time response. The challenge was to implement a platform that can supercharge agents' productivity, followed by an experienced team that helps to finance and sell a current home.


  • In a client-server environment, Oaktree software implemented a self-scheduling portal using the Service Cloud's standard configurations. Successfully assisted clients in managing field service operations and coordinating them with the existing installed software.
  • In order to schedule appointments, time slots were assigned depending on their availability within a specific service zone. Every appointment was assigned automatically and according to the local business hours. Later, regardless of the various users, these appointments were mapped to an existing account or contact where they already exist.
  • Salesforce Service cloud deployment was made to improve agent workspace, and omnichannel routing was implemented to facilitate order tracking for home purchasers. The field service mobile app was customised by the developers to support a productive field workforce focused on real estate.
  • With so many objects, user roles, settings & functions, and cases contained within the software modules, it became a comprehensive business platform with numerous Salesforce cloud capabilities that could be accessed on mobile devices and other digital screens. The ERP system operations within the live environment were connected with end-to-end flow and support amongst customer teams.


With automated workflows, the company started to track and update property appreciation in real time.

Build and personalised conversations with ground staff across business geographies, and ensure access to home construction collaterals.

Monitor income, cash flow stability, tax advantages, and the specifics of each construction separately.

Manage home-lead inquiries efficiently and accurately to streamline and automate your business processes.

Because the inspection results and analysis on the field were now available, accurate identification, allocation, and analysis of work orders were now possible.

Project Insights

Time Duration

1 years followed by Maintenance and future upgrades

Estimate hours

2500 man-hours

Team size

Business analyst, Project manager, UI/UX designer, Front end developer, Back end developer(2), Testers and Salesforce technician, developer, and consultant