Client and Business Problem 

One of the big Digital Governance Client intends to offer high-quality, profitable technological solutions so that they can make the community a better place. Their ultimate purpose is to improve and simplify technology across the City and County, resulting in better, more cost-effective services for government agencies and taxpayers.

They were in the requirement to develop well organized, systematic Salesforce-based property valuation portal to one of the government agencies that is lined up to offer the property values to the end-users by following a thorough process.

Key Features

Create Protest

Users can create a protest for their property valuation by getting registered in the portal and can fill in the mandatory details such as estimated property value, property information (Name, reference no), requested property value, and more.

Based on their interest they can generate the protest with two options either through assignment (filling the details) or appointment (call and in-person meeting.)

Schedule Referee Appointment 

Through this feature, a clerk can assign the appointment to the referee by mentioning the date and time of the appointment. Followed by which referee who can have a look at it and can provide the comments.

Print Notification 

The user will get notified about everything like when the protest is taken up, how the valuation is been done, and more

Referee assignments

Referees can self-assign the protest to themselves, evaluate the property value and finally share it with the coordinator

Referee Availability Reports

By looking at the referee availability reports the clerk can decide the time to assign the protest.

Coordinators assignments 

Coordinators take up the assignments and review the requested value of the protester and refer it with referee subjected value and finally provide the final value of the property closing the protest case. They won’t directly interact with the users.

Set Referee Calendar

The features let the Referee mark their availability and unavailability by indicating the time and date period in the calendar.

Set Referee availability 

The Clerk, referee, and administrator can set their availability based on time and day for the specific protest appointment.


Through this feature clerk and admin check in the availability of referees on that particular day and mark the status, and in the case they aren’t available they can modify the protest date and reassign for future

Bulk Reschedule Appointment 

At a single shot, the clerk can assign the bulk of appointments to the diverse referee.

Reschedule Appointment

In case the referee is not available at the required time the clerk can reschedule the appointment.

Protest Update 

Up to where the valuation of the property is been done and other things associated with protests will get updated in this section.

Print Label/Copy

Finally, they can obtain a hard copy of the details of the property evaluation

Print Receipt

Lastly, the user receives the receipt of the entire evaluation process.


Oaktree software team has intensively analyzed the client requirements and developed, designed, tested, and delivered the quality rich, user-friendly, and comprehensive app based out of Salesforce community cloud addressing both community side and public side  The Leading roles of the system are Protest, Clerk, Referee, Administrator, and Coordinator

Client achievement


Streamlined the entire process between Referee, Clerk, Administrator, and Coordinator


Easy internal communication by just setting the availability in the calendar


Provides the accurate property valuation

Tech Stack


Visualforce page lightening components and templates 


Report and dashboard, community cloud. 

Project Insights

Time Duration

2 years followed by maintenance and future upgrades 

Estimate hours

2000 man-hours

Team size

Business analyst, Project manager, Front end developer, Back end developer, Testers, and Salesforce technician and consultant