Client and Business Goals

The client is a well-known name in the hotel management and service industry offering home-hotel booking services to VIP’s, families, and affluent travelers around Australia With the rapid developments in the present economic market, the client intended to keep up with customer expectations and provide advanced facilities to its end-customers.

As a result, the client planned to create an online hotel booking and management platform based on a robust combination of cutting-edge technologies and Salesforce management features that would cut costs while maximizing revenue.

Key Features

Organized data and hotel bookings

As hotels have a lot of travelers coming and going all the time, it's critical to have a system in place to keep track of that information. Hotel owners and managers can utilize a Salesforce-based booking system to make reservations, track and update extended guest stays, and keep track of check-ins and check-outs in a very organized way

Property Management

Rent, vacancies, staff requests, and online payments from guests should all be kept track of with this feature. It also assists property owners in keeping track of past-due rents, vacant properties that need to be listed, and what maintenance has to be done, where, and when.

Real-Time Booking

This feature enables customers to book online directly through the portal rather than calling customer service teams. Furthermore, they will be updated about the booking, and the system will not allow an accidental double-booking or booking of a property or room that is otherwise unavailable.

Email Marketing and SMS integration

They can email or SMS special deals and pricing to customers and stay in touch with them by combining the power of Salesforce's marketing automation features. Even they can send customer satisfaction surveys and other forms of communication.

Staff Management

The system comes in handy here to manage the various elements of the hotel staff. It handles housekeeping activities and tasks can be easily delegated. The hotel managers will be able to keep track of all internal interactions in this manner. Managers can enter information about salaries, vacations, sick leaves, employees' days off, and distribute shifts into the database and review it as needed.

Analytics Automation

This functionality is responsible for managing the hotel's overall operation, which includes reports on staff performance, guest information, data delivered by the custom hotel property management system, and much more.Automated Revenue management reports that come in handy enable the monitoring of the overall financial situation and the implementation of appropriate measures to increase profits.

Customer Relationship management

This section is dedicated to managing customer relationships in a way that leaves them satisfied and encourages them to prefer to book a hotel in the future. It not only manages customer relationships, but it also maintains and manages customer data, allowing hotels to better serve them. Personalized customer experiences can be provided to guests in order to serve the entertainment and services tailored to their preferences. A hotel management system built with Salesforce stores all details in one location, making it easy to collect the contact information of the guests, preferred modes of payment, number of rooms booked, total spending, and so on. Hotels can use the system to constantly send updates and information to hotel guests via notifications and confirmations, as well as via emails, SMS, notifications, calls, and alerts.

Client achievement


Our comprehensive approach to digitizing clients' business by providing advanced Salesforce based business solutions has resulted in greater profits.


With our end-to-end development services, we created a full-fledged "Hotel Booking and Management system" that has automated day-to-day operations.


The client reaped enormous business benefits, including increased direct hotel sales, simplified channel management, an increase in the flow of tourist registered arrivals and revenue, superior service quality retention, improved social media presence, and satisfying customers with exemplary services at a significant cost saving.


Currently, the client is partnered with Airbnb and other popular online portals.

Project Insights

Time Duration

2 years followed by maintenance and future upgrades

Estimate hours

5000 man-hours

Team size

Business analyst, Project manager, UI/UX designer, Front end developer, Back end developer(2), Testers and Salesforce technician and consultant


Our client deals with a hotel management portal that integrates property management, bookings, and marketing. Independent hoteliers, small hotel chains, and hotel management firms are among its clients.

Oaktree software team flawlessly rebooted their hotel management process by the essence of the Salesforce. Through the Salesforce management functionalities they can find property management systems, booking engines, channel management, and reporting solution, all in one umbrella; enabling the client to get easier control over hotel management, online room distribution, and other everyday activities.

The Main highlights of the platform
  • Property Management system
  • Commission-free booking engine
  • Revenue manager
  • Credit card processing
  • Data security
  • Customizable reports