Client and Product Goals

In this digital age, millions of specialists worldwide diverted from the 9 to 5 hectic work culture to freelancing/ flexible remote work for smooth maintenance of work-life balance. A tremendous number of enterprises, small start-ups as well as big companies are leveraging this smart opportunity of getting associated with freelancers in order to get their work done quickly and affordably.

By analyzing the revolution in the job market and surveying the growth of freelancers, an ambitious client instructed his vision to Oaktree Software for developing a valuable imparting freelancing marketplace with the blend of phenomenal technologies.


Client Achievement


A great number of freelancers and clients have registered into this platform and shared their success stories


The phenomenal platform is offering high annual income for the freelancers and including the fast-growing skillsets every year for the companies looking to hire business-specific talents


Small to big organizations are using this platform for getting access to a large number of talent pools.

Integrated tech Stack




Ruby on Rails



Project Insights

Time Duration

9-10 months followed with maintenance and future upgrades

Estimate hours

250+ man-hours

Team size

7 (Business analyst, Project manager, UI/UX designer, Front end developer, Back end developer(2), Testers)

The Solution

Successfully built, designed, and delivered a user-friendly freelancing application facilitating millions of talents to get hitched with projects submitted by businesses around the world.

Key Features of Clients application

1. Posting Jobs and Hiring Personnel

Project owners can submit their projects by highlighting all the details like project name, category, budget, project description, deadline, and all the necessary files and wait for proposals from freelancers from different parts of the world

2. Analyse the proposals and choose the perfect match

Attentively clients can check out and compare quotes offered by diverse professionals. Before shortlisting the candidates they can go through their complete profiles and learn about their portfolios, success stories, client ratings, and more.

3. Access the bids and pick the relevant one

Clients can pick out the suitable cloud experts (Freelancers) depending on crucial factors like qualifications, experience, knowledge, overall cost, and time frame

4. Connect with freelancers via chat

The feature enables the project owners to contact the professionals and provide the details via chat. It makes the job interview process much easier.

5. Pay securely

Project managers can pay the hired cloud expert on an hourly or fixed price basis and as soon as after the payment they can obtain invoicing that helps them to keep track of transaction history

Key Features of Freelancers

1. In detail profile creation

Freelancers can build impressive profiles by providing the details of complete work history, work portfolio, and the skills

2. Search the skill suitable project

With this feature, a job seeker can find the variety of the projects or jobs posted by the clients and choose the relevant one that suits their skills and compensation requirements.

3. Start working

Once the clients select the required professionals, they can deeply discuss the project goals and start to work. Both the client and freelancer securely exchange digital data, share opinions and do a lot more things.

4. In-app Payment

Freelancers get paid as per their convenience as the platform supports multiple payment methods such as Paypal, Wire Transfer, direct deposit, and more