Client Overview

Strengthened with top-notch quality products of lightning, wiring, and more, an Abu Dhabi-based big giant electronic materials manufacturer intended to transform the traditional process of performing sales and responding to customers on an automated platform Their leading goal was to improve the customer’s experience and shorten down the sales cycle through automation, transparency, and self-service.

Challenges Solution and Benefits


They were involved in manual, hectic, and time-consuming sales processes.

Data about leads and customers was distributed across spreadsheets and emails, leading to misinformation about the details and data loss.

Sales teams struggled to keep track of how many leads were generated, where they came from, and whether or not they were appropriately followed up on.

Teams faced difficulty to respond quickly to customer queries and support requests in the absence of a unified customer view. This impacted customer trust and loyalty.

Meanwhile, management also lacked timely sales performance insights to make informed decisions.


With Salesforce cloud integration, the electronic business has automated their B2B sales processes- from lead management and sales forecasting to pricing and quotation management.

Leads are instantly transferred from the corporate website to Salesforce, where teams can easily qualify, score, and manage them.

marketing cloud
  • Sales professionals can access customer data, respond to hot leads, and connect with team members all while on the road using the Salesforce mobile app.
  • Rich reports and dashboard functionality of the sales cloud offered a real time view of sales performance in detail which can be tracked at any time from anywhere.
  • High-end data management feature empowered to provide the right data at the right time to the right professional.
  • Lightning data resulted in uncovering the smarter business-changing insights, identifying the potential customers and segments, and bringing the finest prospects closer.
  • Teams have real-time visibility into leads, customers, visits, transactions, orders, bills, and even competition with just one click. They can also identify new leads and prospects by using market data that is automatically vetted.


When a customer calls in with a product query, sales and support teams now have access to the customer's entire purchasing history, previous queries, communications, and more. This has allowed them to cut case resolution time by 25%.

"Having all of our customer data under one umbrella allows our sales and support teams to collaborate more seamlessly to provide consistent customer experiences," says the happy client. "The customers are overjoyed with the transformation."

Their productivity has increased by 22% as a result of changing the way they sell.

Hot' opportunities have increased by up to 20%.

Project Insights

Time Duration

2 years followed by Maintenance and future upgrades

Estimate hours

5000 man-hours

Team structure and Contribution

Business analyst, Project manager, UI/UX designer, Front end developer, Back end developer(2), Testers and Salesforce technician, developer, and consultant