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About Charge Point

Chargepoint has made electric mobility easy through continuous innovation. It is a technology company that operates on an open EV charging network and shapes the future of mobility. But, given the comprehensive portfolio of hardware and cloud service, it is essential to support all the entities working in coordination making EV better for everyone by keeping Chargepoint equipped with required electric power any time anywhere


Our client, ChargePoint is the world's largest network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in North America and Europe. Over the past years, it has been observed that Americans as well as Europeans and many across the globe are inclined towards Electrical Vehicles. That indicates currently partial replacement of gasoline and ICE by Electric Vehicle. The future is for Electic Vehicles, this needs a charging station along with a gasoline station. With the advent of EV mobility, transportation and motorist are inclined towards electric mobility.


EVs are parked for a longer duration at home or workplace resulting in faster discharge yet drivers, and partners receive no automated notification other than the vehicle indicators.

No charge station information/notification is received at Malls, grocery shops, parks, and restaurants

Cyber Security incident reporting emails are manual and take a lot of time

No automated communication for drivers, station owners, partners (installers, automakers, auto dealers, resellers and distributors)

Sudden/ Planned power outage notifications not available for users

Product safety issues or notifications not enabled

Chargepoint compatibility with Android auto & innovative EV

Client Goals


Client find it challenging to collate data from multiple sources/ platforms like Salesforce, NOS, NetSuite. This made it difficult for the client to manage the data, schedule messages, distributing custom reports and activating email/SMS/ any other notification across multiple channels.


Another important feature required was customized templates for the email & messages and optimised emails for mobile and other devices. Automating the messaging journey in order to send it to larger audience was an essential requirement.


So as a solution, Oak Tree Software suggested implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud to manage the data that further assist in automating customized emails, planning, personalising, segmentation and optimizing the consumer journey by tracking emails and monitor effectiveness.

Technology Stack

charge point technology
charge point technology

The Solution

Considering the challenges, OakTree Software experts suggested using Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration to automate, expand and enhance the use of ChargePoint for the users.

Here are some of the benefits achieved

SFMC – Can ensure the security of Chargepoint network as any driver, any station and any system can use ChargePoint network.

Integration and implementation of SFMC assist in the automation of email and its record. The implementation helped in sending out relevant & on-time communication on cyber security incidents to drivers, customers, partners through an automated, standardized, and process-driven way.

On social media, SFMC can advertise plans & features of ChargePoint such as peer-to-peer roaming agreements.

SFMC features were utilized to share relevant & timely communication on power outages / shut down which are planned or unplanned, to the users within the specific location (Pincode based).

Scouting new site, city or country for ChargePoint station installation.

Help in monitoring strengthening EV station management and maintenance program.