Client and Product Goals

A UK based Client came up with the innovative mission of developing an incredible Biodiversity data collection platform for instructing the decision-makers about geographic information of global biodiversity.

Client Achievement


Presently the Platform has prominent users including WWF, the world bank group, Shell,Mitsubishi, Cambridge university, and the department of environment Australia


Its partnered with leading conservation organizations- BirdLife International (BirdLife), Conservation International (CI), International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC)


From 12+ years the platform is actively maintained and incredibly supporting numerous organizations, academics, governments, researchers, and financial sectors with authoritative biodiversity data.


Recently it launched STAR( Species threat abatement and Restoration) a notable biodiversity metric to support nature positive action.

Integrated tech Stack


Vue JS


Ruby on Rails



Project Insights

Time Duration

1 year with future maintenance and upgrades

Estimate hours

Approx 3500 Man-Hours

Team structure and Contribution

Business analyst, Project manager, UI/UX designer, Front end developer, Back end developer (2), Testers

Product Highlights

Data Search Service for easily collecting authoritative Global biodiversity Info

This is one of the most demanding functionality of the platform that facilities the users to obtain the biodiversity report of a specific country in required form as PDF document, raw data in CSV format, and map files. The Report templates consist of a simple proximity report, a World bank group risk report, and a freshwater report

Access and Download service

Users can gain the information of the three datasets through GIS download services. The data can be retrieved in two forms one as global downloads and another possible way is by selecting smaller areas to download.

Quick visual screening of critical biodiversity

It is rooted with the world’s most authoritative global biodiversity datasets that direct the users to make the correct decisions in policy and practice. Enter the location by applying several filters and seize the productive details.

Subscription plan

Depending on the users or organization necessities, they can select relevant plans like Free, Basic, Pro, and enterprise by analysing the features and functionalities in each plan.

The Solution

According to client vision, Oaktree software perfectly designed and developed a web-based biodiversity mapping and reporting tool by integrating top-notch technologies and features. Currently, the remarkable biodiversity assessment tool is rocking around the world by helping diverse companies, governments, researchers, and financial institutions with fast and effective access to global biodiversity datasets such as IUCN Red list of threatened species, the world database on protected areas, and the world database of key diversity areas.

Modules of the tool


User (Individual/ Organization) Panel

Admin Panel