1-to-1 Personalisation

The top bank in New York serves more than lakhs of customers across more than 50 locations. With its exceptional experience, investment and financial competence, and banking efficiency, the bank moves forward to support the national economy and offer cutting-edge banking services that increase citizen standards.

Challenges Solution and Benefits


Organize subscriber lists (including unsubscribes) in SaaS based platform to manage and keep a central repository of marketing data was challenging task.

Desired to create personalise and automate SMS, email, and social media demand generation campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

Leads should be acquired and scored based on the buyer personas (profiles) and interests (engagements). To find and rank high-value leads, use multifactor lead scores.

With the use of useful dashboards and reports, evaluate the success of digital marketing.


  • Configure branding and deliverability, as well as IP warming, to facilitate email delivery, subscription management, and get bounce back response.
  • Using industry best practises, create email templates, landing pages, and a multistage canvas.
  • Set up a lead scoring model and engagement rules based on contact personas, profiles, and engagement.
  • Build custom data fields, import and map customer data, and use standard/default marketing cloud features.
  • Integrated the SMS app cloud with marketing cloud to send personalised SMS messages and map custom objects to track SMS delivery and opens.
  • Use Marketing cloud to track and manage social media activities across all channels.


Increase 1:1 customer engagement by 35%.

A single point of contact for prospects and customers.

Cross-channel engagement and customer acquisition have been improved.

By analysing campaign reports and dashboards, they now easily identify high-quality sales leads.

Project Insights

Time Duration

1 years followed by Maintenance and future upgrades

Estimate hours

2500 man-hours

Team size

Business analyst, Project manager, UI/UX designer, Front end developer, Back end developer(2), Testers and Salesforce technician, developer, and consultant