6 awesome advantages of SalesforceMarketing Cloud for manufacturers to boost sales

Need of Salesforce marketing cloud

As soon as industrialization came into existence, this massively impacted the shift towards manufacturing trade which resulted in huge competitive trends. By then Salesforce came into the light where industrialization 4.0 sparked digital progression and gave rise to the Salesforce marketing cloud. It'd be meaningless to choose an outdated technology. Ultimately, manufacturers started to incorporate flexible and modern alternatives to streamline their business operations. Thus, ever since many companies started to digitize by using Salesforce to reduce their need for manpower. With the current needs for such innovation henceforth this resulted in a huge edge over previous business marketing sales models.

Need of Salesforce Marketing Clouds

What is the Salesforce marketing cloud?

Salesforce marketing cloud is a modelled solution designed for manufacturers which empowers them to deliver products, marketing, forecasting and planned domain services for greater collaboration across their entire business.

How is Salesforce useful for manufacturing to boost sales?

More customer-maximum profit

Salesforce marketing cloud offers deep detailed insights of sales reports by analyzing customer activities. Salesforce allows cross-selling which enables market coverage to expedite ROI with good sales. That's how it works on the rule of "more customer-maximum profit"

Forecasting of Sales

This feature predicts revenues based on previous sales volumes. The sales team assumes pricing and listing to forecast the right amount of sales demands assuring less wastage. This provides a realistic picture of goals and enhances proper user engagement.

Monitor social networks

Salesforce provides a worthwhile and functional way for companies to monitor social networks, blogs, and forums that are conforming to their industry. This allows them to gain valuable information about the social media accounts of customers to contact instantly without delay.

Automates SalesforceEinstein tools

AI customization is one of the advantages of the Salesforce marketing cloud. These tools integrate with data to provide personal client interactions. It benefits from software to create cost-saving marketing automation service applications. Automation of tasks such as triggered alerts and access of product info reduces human errors.

Operates supply chain

CRM configures and manages stocks inventories, warehouses, process chains and operations according to locations. It provides an edge over ERP by empowering production and planning strategies of supply chain management with optimum results for quick movement of products.

CRM and customer experience

CRM offers 360-degree views and customer-centric services for better customer retention. More flexible CRM solution increases customer satisfaction and experience. It improves communication channels by solving customer grievances. Such system implementation can give greater insights into the sales process.


Salesforce marketing cloud is indeed the best CRM software for the manufacturing industry. This provides a full-time view of all your account activities. The previous models have flaws and bottlenecks however, Salesforce has its competitive advantage. COVID-19 pandemic brought devastating effects in every market where this integration was the most crucial aspect of the business to improve quickly. Henceforth, by correct implementation of Salesforce, the manufacturing business can meet customer requirements and boost productivity.