How Salesforce Marketing Cloud Can Transform Your Business Performance?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is roaring in the market by unlocking unbelievable benefits for any industry business. When you employ the best customer relationship management software in the business half of your daily routine tasks will be automated or simplified enabling your workforce to take up some imperative tasks.

Every Company, Business, or enterprise's main objective is to earn double the investment which can only be fulfilled by developing a loyal customer base and making them satisfied with your service or products. Just by investing in Marketing Automation software, you can bring wonders to your business.

Yes, that’s true.

There is abundant Marketing Automation software available in the market, but the one that helps you to find true potential by bringing your customers closer to your business turns out to be the best. That’s what you are going to win from Salesforce Marketing Cloud- One of the prominent Customer and business-centric Marketing Automation Tool

Why Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud used for?

How Can Salesforce Marketing Cloud benefit your business?

We know numerous queries are rising in your mind in regards to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

As a reliable Salesforce Development Partner, we take up this liability to enlighten you about the perks of Salesforce Marketing Cloud that your business can embrace.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

What if you get a tool to automate various repetitive tasks that go into while setting up and running a successful marketing campaign?

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you get the power to put your business routine task on autopilot. In simple words, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a bridge that connects your customers to a business. A full-fledged, sophisticated, and high featured Marketing Automation software possessing the power to automate monotonous marketing work in diverse dimensions.

It is a SaaS-based Platform built with four “ Base Versions” each owning different levels of functionality and diverse added at-cost components that further intensify functionality.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Salesforce Marketing Cloud

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Used For?

As mentioned above marketing cloud is a feature-rich platform that is made to eradicate the repetitive tasks in different marketing departments that includes

  • Realtime customer engagement
  • Email and Marketing automation
  • Social media engagement, listening, and advertising
  • Mobile(SMS)messaging and push notification
  • Customer marketing analytics

Our Specialised Sales Cloud Solutions

We possess top Salesforce Sales Cloud skills and profound understanding to help you to reach new heights in your businesses in a more efficient, quick, and effective manner.

Email Studio

This is an excellent product that enables marketers to reach their target customers effectively. The product creates advanced emails with data from various departments. The data, in this case, is not limited to marketing campaigns; it can also be of a 1-1 message to your customers. You might be aware of the importance of such data for personalized campaigns.

Email Studio

Journey Builder

Journey Builder can be an incredible tool for campaign planning. It benefits marketers by allowing them to design and automate campaigns at the same time. The astonishing part is that marketers can guide their customers throughout their relationship with a brand. With Journey Builder, a marketer can strengthen their customer experience in a variety of ways, right from traditional methods to modern digital touchpoints such as emails, smartphones, and so on.

Journey Builder

Advertising studio

Advertising Studio can be extremely beneficial to marketers when it comes to activating important data of key customers in order to improve online advertisements and enable a superior one-on-one customer experience. At the same time, it allows marketers to broaden their email marketing campaign targets. It ensures that campaigns are accurately coordinated through various channels ranging from sales to social media to customer support. Most importantly it can keep current customers engaged through popular platforms such as YouTube, Google Ads, and so on.

Advertising Studio

Interaction Studio

Interaction Studio is one of the intellectual products for delivering a consistently effective marketing experience across multiple channels. It boosts marketers' confidence by providing them with a real-time view of the customer journey. It can enable direct interaction with customers via the brand's channel. A marketer can even connect Journey Builder with Interaction Studio to deliver relevant information. Overall, it has the potential to significantly increase customer engagement.

Interaction Studio

Mobile Studio

Mobile Studio is currently a solid product for personalizing mobile marketing. It facilitates marketers to reach out to customers without being limited by a device. Under this, a marketer can build campaigns based on text delivery. Along with that, Marketers can also monitor and send notifications to customers whenever they enter the store.

Mobile Studio

Social Studio

Social Studio can be a one-stop-shop for managing, scheduling, and developing posts. Through its integrated interface, marketers can systematically manage posts that are specific to the brand and team. The product makes it easier to publish content and engage with it on various social platforms. Its interface can function as a comprehensive collaboration platform that can be completely customized. Regardless of the source, a conversation can be analyzed. If You want to achieve the maximum benefits of the Salesforce Marketing cloud then it’s wise to associate with the best Salesforce marketing cloud integration and deployment company like Oaktree software that can help you in hassle-free deployment and integration of Marketing cloud. This leads you to take your business in the right direction.

Social Studio

Advantages of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Efficient Data Management

One of the most leading advantages of SFMC is data management. This is accomplished through data extensions linked to the creation of a relational database supported by SQL. Further, it can keep different data forms and prepare data models and can also provide a significant competitive advantage for marketers. It makes it much easier to build an audience base and perform segmentation.

Integration Possibilities

SFMC has powerful integration capability that allows it to deliver data in a variety of moods. This, along with a plethora of APIs, can be a significant benefit for marketers. It enables marketers to supplement the current contact information in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Simultaneously, it can improve content import and begin customized deliveries.

Third-party applications

Salesforce Marketing Cloud includes a plethora of third-party apps. Without a doubt, these applications can help businesses achieve their objectives and strategize more effectively. SFMC offers a large pool of third-party apps from Salesforce partners to make business operations run more smoothly.

Getting the Most Out of Artificial Intelligence

Salesforce's AI technology, well known to be 'Einstein,' shows up with some incredible applications as part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It has the potential to uplift customer engagement with the brand. Likewise, it allows marketers to personalize the customer experience.

Is Marketing Cloud accessible to any business regardless of size or growth phase?

Yes, it is. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is used by businesses of all sizes and industries. While Marketing Cloud is recognized to be an enterprise-level platform (which it is), the various editions make it adaptable to organizations of all sizes. It also includes several add-ons that allow you to tailor SFMC to your specific requirements.

Surprisingly, it can also accommodate the company's various needs. A new or updated version of SFMC can be profitable for B2B and B2C businesses. B2Bs consider it for increasing customer satisfaction levels. It aids B2C businesses in the decision-making process Cost is not a big issue because this platform can help marketers improve their businesses to a greater extent. On top of everything, the platform can remain equally relevant regardless of your organization's level of growth. As a result, when it comes to implementing Salesforce marketing cloud solutions, the cost is never a pain.

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